How to use Easy Feed Editor on Linux

1.) System requirements

Easy Feed Editor for Linux requires Mono. Make sure that Mono and all packages that are required for WinForms- and XML-Support are installed. Click here to find out how to install Mono.

2.) Download

The next step is to download Easy Feed Editor for Linux and to unzip the downloaded folder.

3.) Installing Easy Feed Editor

As you could call Easy Feed Editor for Linux a portable software,there is no real installation.
You could start Easy Feed Editor right away by opening a new terminal window navigating to the folder that contains Easy Feed Editor and entering the command mono efe.exe.
But as it's usually easier to open an application by double-clicking on its icon, just follow these steps to make your system start all .exe-files using mono.
These steps vary depending on your distribution.
This tutorial uses screenshots from OpenSUSE. If you use a different distribution, please make screenshots and send them to us, so that we can add a tutorial for your distribution.

Right click on efe.exe and click Open with Other Application....

Enter mono into the field Use a custom command and click Open. Easy Feed Editor will start now. After you have entered all required information, please close Easy Feed Editor again.

Right click on efe.exe again and click Properties, go to Open With, select mono and click OK

Possible Problems

There might be some problems with characters such as ä,è,ß,.. . These problems only occur if you are using an older version of Mono. Please update to the newest version (if possible). If you are using an older version of Mono, there might also be some problems with the layout of the application.
If you find any other bugs or you're exploring difficulties, please look up the error code that Easy Feed Editor returns and/or contact us.


If you would like to add anything or have any further questions, please don't hesitate to send a mail. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. But please do keep in mind that this project is run by a student, who does this in addition to his studies and work, with help from a few volunteers for the translations. So please allow some days for an answer.

By sending us your feedback, you make it possible to improve the software. Thank you!


Please send your e-mails to:
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